Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Only Working on One Speed

A User Recently Asked: I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan. It's only working on one speed - high. If I try to get the fan to work on low or medium, the fan tries but then stops. It will then continue on the high setting. Why is this problem happening?

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Ok, so the first thing you generally check with these issues is the remote and the batteries for it. It may be a good idea to check the batteries. If you have a remote with a laser eye, you can see when the remote is sending a signal to the fan. Also, the fact that the fan is attempting to change speeds but does not, points to another problem besides the remote. The logical thought process behind this is, if the remote is sending a signal, and it's being picked up from the fan receiver, then the remote is working fine.

The thing that you probably do want to check next would be the dipswitches. The dip switches on your fan need to be set in the correct order. To check the dipswitches, follow these steps:
Look on the back of the remote control, andremove the back panel. Remove the battery.There will be another small panel under this that covers the dip switches. On other remotes, it may be in other places, but it's usually on the back of the remote.

Once you are looking at the dip switches, take a look at the four different settings. There should be four switches. Take a pen and paper and make a diagram of which ones are ON, and which ones are OFF.

Go to your circuit panel and turn off the power to the ceiling fan. You should not operate on the ceiling fan with a live circuit at any time. It is dangerous to your health, as you could get electrical shock.

Next, find the dipswitch panel on the ceiling fan.

Continue to our ceiling fan remote troubleshooting page to read about troubleshooting dipswitches. As well as that, the guide includes steps to try if troubleshooting the other items do not work.
If that still does not work, likely you'll want to browse to the section on replacing a receiver.
If your fan is using a pullchain, consider checking inside the pullchain housing to see if it is connected properly. You may need to install a new pullchain.

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