Best Brand of Ceiling Fan - What is the "Best" Ceiling Fan on the Market Today?

If you've visited a number of stores looking for a ceiling fan, you'll notice that some retailers will swear by one brand or another. Keep in mind, there is also a sales strategy in this - it's likely that the retailer has a ton of those fans in the warehouse, and they need to sell them.

Here's a universal truth - Each ceiling fan manufacturer has some higher quality models, but also some models which are not as good. This is because each fan designer will make an assortment of fans for different budgets and different needs. The trick is knowing which fan is the higher quality fan, and which ones you should stay away from.

The truth is, there is no particular fan that is "the best." It depends on your application, your budget - it's  all about you. With that being said, we have identified a number of fans below that we consider to be "the best." In each case, we identify why this is the top fan, and why we're mentioning it. If you feel that you'd like to add a fan to this list, please feel free to let us know!

Best and Top Selling Ceiling Fans

The Emerson Carerra Grade Eco is a workhorse ceiling fan. It's efficient and also environmentally friendly. When we use the term workhorse, this means that the fan will spin and spin for a pretty darn long time before you ever have a problem with it - if ever. Blades are sold separately, and they are available in different finished as well - such as oil rubbed bronze. Oil Rubbed Bronze is the most popular finish, by the way.
The fan produces over 7,100 CFM, in terms of airflow. It uses only 20 watts - we did say it is an efficient fan, right? This is due to a highly efficient DC motor which resides inside the fan. This fan is over 400% more efficient than other larger fans, as it has an EPA efficiency rating of 360 CFM/watt. This fan was awarded the "Most Efficient 2014" model by the US Government Energy Star program.

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan for 2014

Casablanca Heritage Ceiling Fan 
The Casablanca Heritage is a super rugged and powerful fan. It's a wet rated fan. This means you can have it exposed directly to rain and snow, and it won't mess up the operation of the fan. If you feel adventerous, you can even spray it with the hose to clean it! Not too many other fans can make that claim. The Heritage moves a lot of air, more than most other outdoor fans. This is useful if you are using it in an outside, open area. The fan not only will help you to feel cooler in this regard, but also help to keep those pesky summer bugs away - like mosquitoes, flies and junebugs.

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