My Hampton Bay Remote UC7083T is not working - what should I do?

Our site visitors tend to ask the same question often. The question is, I have the Hampton Bay UC7083T Remote Control for my fan. But the fan is not working - what should I do?
Common problems include the following:
  • Red light turns on but remote won't work
  • Turn on switch and fan stays in one mode. Fan is on slow and light is off
  •  Fan sticks in one mode or won't turn on at all
  • Fan changes modes on it's own
In order to fix this problem, you need to ensure that the dip switches are seated properly, and in the right position. The fan and the remote need to have the dip switches set the same way. Sometimes they can also get unseated or not be fully set properly.
Here is a step by step of how to resolve the issue:
  • Resetting dip switches fixed the problem
  • Not for the reason of altering / changing the frequency, but ensuring the dip switches are set firmly / seated properly in the on/off positions
  • May need to use a small knife to move switches
  • Ensure they are properly seated
  • Dipswitch position needs to match that of fan
  • Ensure batteries are fresh- important
  • Dust on / in fan or computer inside fan - not the issue.

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