Ceiling Fan Capacitor 4 or 5 Wire 4/4.5/5

Ceiling fan replacement capacitor. This is a combined capacitor with three capacitors built into one package. The capacity is 4uf + 4.5uf + 5uf. Please note: Both grey wires can be joined/combined together to make this work as 4 wire capacitor.

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Ceiling Fan Capacitors Specifications

Power Source
VoltageTolerance/Rated Frequency/Voltage: 5% 50/60Hz 250
WattageRated Capacitance: 4uf + 4.5uf + 5uf
DimensionsSize: 48X32X23 (LXHXW) in mm
Ceiling Fan Capacitor 4 or 5 Wire 4/4.5/5
Price : $5 USD

In stock

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Ceiling Fan Capacitor 4 or 5 Wire 4/4.5/5 Reviews

Ceiling Fan Capacitor 4 or 5 Wire 4/4.5/5

Hampton Bay ceiling fan Capacitor:The capacitor in my HB fan is a 4uf, 4.5uf, 6uf 4 wire (R Y W B) Part #27e Suggestions
ceiling fan capacitor,harbor breeze replacement ceiling fan capacitor,reviews

Ceiling Fan Capacitor 4 or 5 Wire 4/4.5/5 review 1/ 5stars   by , Thursday, January 21, 2016

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