Minka Aire WCS212 Full Function Wall Control

Here are instructions for installing this wall remote.

1) Turn power circuit off and disconnect the controller from the wall.
2) There are 4 screws that hold the metal mounting bracket on. Unscrew them and remove the bracket. You technically don't need to do this but it makes the remaining steps easier.
3) There's a tab in each of the four corners of the back of the control. Using a small screwdriver to push those in and remove the back cover.
4) There are three screws that affix the back circuit board to the faceplate. Remove those, which will enable you to simply pull the back and faceplate straight apart. The screws are not the same sizes, so keep track of which you remove from where.
5) Looking at the back of the faceplate down where the switch slides, you'll see a small section of the circuit board with two gold dots -- that's where the LED light. You need to access the other side of it, however, so remove the clear(ish) plastic piece that covers the switch -- with a little work, you can slide it out.
6) Turn the faceplate over so that you're looking at the control buttons. Looking at the circuit board through the switch slot you'll be able to see the back of the area specified in step #5 -- that's the light! I just used a small eyeglass screw driver to scrape out the light/connection. Once that's gone, no more light!
7) Put the plastic switch cover back in and then reassemble that parts you took apart. Wire it back in the wall and you're done!

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Ceiling Fan Remote Controls Specifications

StyleArt Deco
Power SourceCordec Electric
Voltage120 Volts
FeaturesRemote Control
Minka Aire WCS212 Full Function Wall Control
Price : $31 USD

In stock

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Minka Aire WCS212 Full Function Wall Control Reviews

Minka Aire WCS212 Full Function Wall Control

minka aire ceiling fan remote rcs223 fix:installed new remote system, everything works but about 5 min. in it turns off.
Minka Aire WCS212 Full Function Wall Control,minka aire ceiling fan remote,wall remote,reviews

Minka Aire WCS212 Full Function Wall Control review 3/ 5stars   by , Monday, February 25, 2019

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