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Ceiling fans N more was born of an idea. That idea is to give reviews on the latest ceiling fan products, and to help consumers decide which fan is best for them.

For many fan searches on the Internet, very few helpful sites with good information are found. I believe that people who are looking for helpful information on ceiling fans shouldn't have to go to the ends of the earth to get it, and so I created this site.

Ceiling Fans 'N More prides itself on the ability to provide visitors with not only helpful reviews of ceiling fans, but we also allow you to purchase the fan right off the site. You can leave reviews of your favorite ceiling fan or read what others have posted.

On top of that, Ceiling Fans 'N More offers one of the Internet's best technical resources. If you are having problems repairing your ceiling fan or installing it we can help you out. We have articles on the most common problems, capacitor issues, blade balancing, and much more.

We are sure you will find what you need on the website and if not please post a request on our forums or our "order it" page (coming very shortly, link will be updated).

Thanks for browsing, enjoy, and remember, if it's not on the 'net, it should be!

Advertising and Marketing Inquiries

Ceiling Fans 'N More is one website in a network of many home & garden related websites. We are always on the hunt for anyone who would want to join the business, or do business with us. If you are from a home and garden product manufacturer and would like to post your products to our website, please use the contact page. We can also do business with you if you are a wholesaler, distributor or other. If you would like to exchange links with us or any other special partnerships, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to use the contact page to get in touch with us.

Air Purifiers - Clean the Air, Remove Smoke

Ceiling Fans 'N More is staring to branch out, and as such, we are now adding brand name air purifiers to the website like Honeywell, Ionic Breeze, etc. The main concept with this is that a ceiling fan can move air around, but it does not do anything for the quality of that air. What you can do is purchase both a ceiling fan and an air purifier, or read reviews and decide which is the best model to go with. Then, you can use the ceiling fan to move air around, and use an air purifier to purify or clean that air.

Air purifiers are especially useful for people with allergies, asthma, or other health related issues. Removing smoke from the air is one element that our site visitors sometimes look for. A ceiling fan might help to move the air around and dissipate the smoke somewhat, but an air purifier actually will help to remove that smoke from the air, and condition the air. Of course, we would always recommend to you not to smoke at all - but, if you must, then try looking at an air purifier that helps to remove the smoke.

Electric Space Heaters, Liquid Fueled Propane, Gasoline & Catalytic Heaters

Heaters are useful in the winter time. Our ceiling fans are mostly purchased in the summer time, so what can you use in the winter time to keep warm? Well, an electric space heater is the easiest way to go. These units can start at $25-$30 and range up to hundreds of dollars. Ultimately, it depends on what you need to use the heater for. If you have a requirement simply to heat one room or a small area, a small room heater will work ($20-$50). If you need to heat a dining hall, you will require something bigger for sure.

The main difference between electric heaters and those that consume liquid fuel, is electricity. If you are in a remote place and you don't have an outlet to plug in a heater, then you may be interested in a propane or gasoline portable heater. These units are generally more expensive (it's unlikely you'll find one for less than $50). Also, you'll need to continually purchase propane or gasoline cylinders for them when you run out. If you aren't going to be near a store, it's best to buy a multi-pack of the fuel holding cylinders. This will last you longer and save you trips to the store. Multi-packs often come with a savings built in as well, in order to encourage consumers to buy in bulk.

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