Ceiling Fan Accessories

A ceiling fan accessory could be one of two things: either a replacement part that you need to make the fan function, or an add-on part that adds function or style. For example, you may have recently had a pullchain that was yanked out of your fan. Or, your fan is wobbling, and you need a blade balancing kit to try and figure out the problem. These kind of issues are more like repair parts or replacement parts.

A real example of an accessory is something that is an add-on, it adds function to the fan. A light kit is a prime example of a ceiling fan accessory. A light kit adds a function: a light, as well as elegance and splendor. 

Another good example of an accessory that is often sought after, is a ceiling fan remote. Often times, people tend to misplace their fan remotes. It's an easy thing to do. Not only that, but sometimes the remote seems to stop

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