Ceiling Fans Parts

A Ceiling Fan Part is useful when you have a breakdown on your ceiling fan. The part that you require could consist of any number of things. Here are a few of the most common parts that you may require on your ceiling fan:
 Ceiling Fans Parts

Ceiling Fan Blades

A ceiling fan blade replacement is necessary when you have a warped ceiling fan blade, a blade out of alignment, or a damaged blade. If the fan is humming, making noises or appears unbalanced, but the blades are not warped, you may be able to use a blade balancing kit. Be sure to try this first before replacing a blade - assuming your blades are not warped or damaged. 

Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

If your ceiling fan strikes something while it is turning, it could damage a blade arm. Blade arms cannot be repaired (generally). If one becomes warped for whatever reason, you will need to replace the blade arm. Luckily, blade arms as well as blades are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Ceiling Fan Remotes

A ceiling fan remote is one of the most common replacement parts when it comes to ceiling fan issues. There are many reasons as to why you may have to replace a ceiling fan remote. The remote may simply not be working, and you've tried changing the batteries. One thing it's suggested you try first is read through our Ceiling Fan Remote Troubleshooting Guide. There are many considerations that should be made, and a number of different troubleshooting techniques to try before replacing the remote.
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