I have a ceiling fan that I'd like to replace all five blades on. They are just too dirty to clean up so I'd like to find out if blades are available and if so how much they would cost. Not sure of the make, but the model # looked like EF2000, but maybe it is EF200D which would make it a Hampton Bay model. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

Hey, sorry but looks like you will need to contact Home Depot. I tried looking for that model number but didn't find anything. Are you sure it's a Hampton Bay?

I need to know that too, to help. Your best bet is to get a picture of the UPC code on the bottom of the fan (base/canopy), or write down the UPC and post it on the Home Depot community forums. Or call them.

I have the phone number listed here for them:

Hampton Bay Customer Support Phone Numbers

- Mark

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