What is the going rate to have a ceiling fan installed, uninstalled or removed from my home?

If you are dealing with an experienced fan installer, then generally a fan installation will take a half an hour. The most it should take is an hour. Now - here's the tricky part. If the fan installer or contractor you are using only charges by the hour, that's great. But, a lot of companies will charge for a 2 hour minimum, even if they are on site for only an hour. Keep this in mind.

Cost to install a fan

The usual going rate for fan installation and contractors runs from $45-$75/hour. If you call around, you will be able to compare rates. Look for a licensed contractor who can do installs around $50/hour. This is the going rate. And also, ask them whether or not they charge for a 2 hour minimum.

Say you have purchased four ceiling fans for the home, and you'd like to have them all installed. You should be looking like this:

  • Four ceiling fans

  • 30 minutes each to install

  • 4 x 30 minutes = 2 hours

  • 2 hours x $50/hour = $100 to install four fans

  • The most you should pay for this would be $150-$200 on the high end.

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