Can I change the blades on my Concord ceiling fan to a larger blade size? How do I do this?

First, in order to change the blades on your ceiling fan (whether it is a Concord fan or other), you need to know whether you can put larger blades onto the fan. Secondly, if you know you can fit larger blades, you then need to know the maximum size of blade span you can attach to the fan. To determine this, try checking the manual that came with your fan. If you don't have the manual, then you have to try some other methods in order to find the answer to your question.

You could try looking for the manual online. If you do find the manual online, please let us know so we can post it to our website too. If you can't find the manual by searching Google or other, then you may need to call the manufacturer of the fan. By calling the manufacturer, you may be able to ask the support representative on the other end to locate the information for you. The manufacturer may even have part numbers or where you can purchase the larger blades that you require.

Once you get the blades you know will fit your fan, the next step of course is to mount the blades to the fan. For the most part, this part is nusually easy. Look where the blade attaches to the fan near the motor. The fan blades are usually secured by screws or some other fastening device. Remove the screws and mount up the new blades.

Note: It's important that you fan can handle the larger blades. Make sure first. If you try attaching blades that the fan cannot handle, it could break parts of the fan or cause the motor to have problems as well.

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