I just bought an electric fireplace from Home Depot. It is a Cambridge electric fireplace. It does OK job of heating, but when a certain temperature is reached in the room, the following happens. The heater turns off, but the fan will keep going. Is this by design?

This electric heater fireplace may or may not be designed this way. It is hard to say. It depends upon the way the heater was designed. If this is by design, the best course of action would be to check the manual. See if there is anything mentioned about the operation of the heater. It could also be mentioned in the "precautions" section in the
front of the manual.

If there is nothing mentioned about this in the manual whatsoever, the next best step maybe to call the store location you bought it from. See if there is a 1 800 or customer service number mentioned in the manual.
If there is any number listed for the manufacturer at all, this may be of use.

Electric Fireplace Heaters Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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