I have a Hampton Bay 3 globe ceiling fan, from Home Depot. One set of the metal clips that holds the globe on broke apart. I now need another clip for the globe. I am looking for the Hampton Bay Lyndhurst ceiling fan as it has the same clips. Can you help?

Hello there, thank you for your question. Unfortunately we are not able to provide the clips themselves for the fan you are looking for. We do have the fan itself on the Hampton Bay page. So you can buy that to get the clips or any other part of the fan that you need. Of course, it may not make sense to purchase the fan only to use the clips. If you need some other parts of the fan too, like a fan blade, a motor, etc. then it may make more sense to purchase this fan for that purpose.

The Hampton Bay Lyndhurst Ceiling Fan is quite a lovely fan, if you are looking to purchase a new fan. The fan is available in two finishes: matte black, and brushed nickel.

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