Where can I find a heater ceiling fan?

Sometimes we get asked by site visitors about heater ceiling fans. In particular, site visitors sometimes say "what about Hunter heater ceiling fans?" We've done some research and found that Hunter in fact does not manufacture heater ceiling fans - in fact, we haven't found any other manufacturers that do, either.

Once upon a time, a company called Reiker used to make a fan called "the monster," this was back around 2008-2012 or somewhere in there. If you are reading this and you have a better idea of when this fan was manufactured, or even of heater ceiling fans that exist today, please do feel free to use the contact form and correct us - we will be happy to list the information you provide.

Reiker no longer produces or manufactures "the monster" unfortunately. There are fans that can be purchased that do produce heat as well, but these are not ceiling fans. They are more of the exhaust fan variety. Broan, for example, provides bathroom fans that produce heat, operate as lights, and even may provide night light features and others. However, these are essentially for bathrooms and likely do not work as well in other rooms as their purpose is to help control moisture from showers, condensation, steam and elements of that nature.

As always, if you do find heater ceiling fans out there, please do let us know!

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