How do I wire up a Ceiling Fan with Light Kit when there is no existing wiring in place?

I'd like to install a ceiling fan with a light kit in one of my bedrooms. My issue I am having is that in the bedroom I want to install - there is no existing ceiling light fixture. There's a wall switch, it controls an outlet. I have an attic that I am able to access - I have installed a ceiling fan electric box that resides in-between the ceiling joist, and I cut a hole in the ceiling for the box. What should I do now?

First thing that needs to happen is to check the current source of power. To figure this out, remove the cover from the existing switch and pull the switch out so you can get a clear picture. Is there one cable entering the switch box or 2 cables entering the switch box? Look at the screws of the plug, there would be a metal joining tab that holds 2 screws on each side of this plug. Are these intact or is the joining tab been broken off on the one side.

Each wire should have black/white and bare, unless its a split plug or 3-way switch which may have an additional red wire.

Also please refer to our wiring guide which has been used time and time again in order to figure out and resolve these wiring problems.

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