I am having a problem wiring my Tommy Bahama ceiling fan. I need to know the wire colors. Can you help me?

The first answer we always give when you are having a wiring problem with your fan (no matter what fan it is), is to check the user manual that came with your fan. Some ceiling fans are universal and have generic wiring colors. Others have less generic colors. If you cannot find the manual that came with the fan, try searching for the manual online. You may find the manual for your Tommy Bahama fan on the manufacturer website, a forum, or another resource.

Another resource which can help you with wiring a Tommy Bahama fan is our wiring guide. Our wiring guide can help you to discover the wiring colors - which is a hot lead, which is negative or ground, which one is the remote wire that goes to the fan, etc. Some fans have blue wires, white wires, black, orange, etc. There can be a variety of different colors. The wiring guide will be able to advise you which wires are which.

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