My ceiling fan has 6 speeds and I need a new remote for it. Where can I find a 6 speed ceiling fan universal remote?

We've had a number of website visitors ask us where can I get a 6 speed ceiling fan remote. We'd love to help out, but we have not been able to locate a suitable 6 speed universal remote replacement. If you know a place that sells a suitable 6 speed ceiling fan remote, that is universal and works with multiple brands/makes, please let us know. We have been able to find specific 6 speed remotes for different manufacturers, but they only work with select fans and not universally. For instance, you can buy an Emerson 6 speed ceiling fan remote but it only works with select Emerson receiver models.

One idea may be to try rewiring the receiver, or to purchase a universal kit which has a receiver that comes with it. Whether or not you can re-wire a 6 speed fan to work as a 4 speed fan, is a question we don't have the answer to at this time. In fact, while some users might recommend this, we typically do not. It may be a good idea to call your local Home Depot or Lowe's and ask them if they are able to source the part.

Troubleshooting Ceiling Fan Remote Controls Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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